Fredericksburg Today athletic hat


8 in stock (can be backordered)


It’s sunny outside in Fredericksburg–you probably should be wearing a hat!

Well, we’ve got you covered. This is an Ogio breathable athletic hat. It’s quick-drying and has a sweatband inside so you can use it in the heat of summer or out on the Rappahannock.

It’s sporting the iconic Fredericksburg train bridge logo on the front, and there’s a small reflective Ogio logo on the back if you’re out for a late run.

These hats were embroidered locally by our friends at Jonathan and Company in Spotsylvania.

This first run of hats won’t last for long, but don’t worry–the guys at Jonathan and Co. are ready to make more if we sell out.

Remember–the money from these hats will go to help us keep Fredericksburg Today free for you.

We can mail your hat to you via USPS Priority Mail, or you can pick “local pickup” and arrange a time to get your hat. (We’re not always in the office.)