News and Publishing

The team at Rambletype has more than 25 years of experience in the digital news and publishing world. That means we’ve worked with a lot of content management systems (and built a few), ad delivery platforms and subscription tools.

We are very familiar with the unique needs and demands from a site that has a constant flow of headlines, stories, images and feeds from lots of different authors. We can help you build a cost-effective, innovative online news platform.

When you’re publishing a stream of news all day, a regular CMS template just won’t cut it. You’ve got to think about ad positions, different sizes and shapes of images and a crazy array of different content. We can help.

Content development

We can work with your news team to develop new content features, special content categories and new ways to view and share the content you’re already creating.

Advertising strategy and execution

We can work with your sales team to build banner ad, sponsorship and targeted marketing products that make sense for your site’s audience. And then we can help you make it run on a day-by-day basis.

Ad operations and trafficking services

We’ve got years of experience running banner ad platforms like Doubleclick and Google Ad Manager, and we can make sure that your ad positions and campaigns are using the best capabilities of those platforms.

Responsive design for media

Responsive design is great when your reader’s screen size changes, but where does your advertiser’s banner go? We have lots of experience designing sites that preserve advertising revenue opportunities even as they respond to screen changes.

Digital newsroom management

When you content team is spread out geographically, it’s harder to maintain the editing flow to make sure your readers are getting the best quality. We can help you organizationally and technologically to maximize your news team’s efficiency and communications.

Digital subscriptions and premium content

If you want to create a paid content model, we can help you put the tools, strategy and customer service plan to make sure your model has the best chance at success.